Vehicle Wraps


Looking for car signs, or a full fleet makeover? Our techs have years of experience customizing vehicles with high-quality Avery vinyl. Transform a vehicle with a colour change or add a pop of custom flair to a hood or bumper. Come by and see our selection of vinyl products and find the one for you. Custom print vinyl provides the option for endless customization too. If you have a business big or small, chances are you’re always looking for that elevated professional image. Your logo, details and branding can all be brought to life, and you’ll have the added benefit of your vehicle becoming a gorgeous mobile billboard.

And why limit ourselves to vehicles? At Total Impact Signs, mini fridges, coolers, bins and more can all be given a new life with wrap. We’re always interested in working with you to find a solution for your creative ideas.

The design process starts with you. Your ideas, your vision and your message – we want to hear it from you! This process can involve colour matching to your current vehicle to get it just right. Next, our designers get to work to create a wrap design that fits all of your needs. Of course, this involves lots of collaboration between us and our favourite designer – our customer! Once approved, it’s time to make it come to life. If your design features complex images and branding, we start printing your dream on our large-format printers.

Now we have the design, we have the materials, what happens next? We book a time that works for you to start the installation process. Our technicians have all the tools of the trade, the best techniques and an eye for perfection. Installing is one of the biggest parts of what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis at Total Impact Signs.

You won’t believe the difference a wrap can make!

Contact us today and let us put your idea in motion!